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The most important marketing for Miacup happens when we're not even there: women talking to women.

If you've used Miacup, are at least 18 years of age, and would like to help us by sharing your experience with other women, the form below will easily allow you to submit a testimonial for possible inclusion on our website or other promotional material.

If your submission is chosen, we will publish your name (full or partial), photograph, age, occupation, general location and testimonial. (Click here to see examples of what our published testimonials look like). Please fill in all fields.

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by submitting a testimonial, you acknowledge your agreement with the content of our General Release (click here to read). If you do not agree with the content of our General Release or do not want your photograph/name/illustration considered to appear on the Miacup website, please DO NOT submit a testimonial.

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Please be as specific as possible when discussing your experience with Miacup. What do you like about it? Why? How did you feel about the idea of Miacup at first? What about now? Did you have any problems when you first started using it? How did you get past those problems?

What would you have wanted someone to tell you before you first tried Miacup?
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