Besides selling directly to the public via our website, Miacup South Africa also sells wholesale to independent agents and to retailers large and small across the world.

Who can apply to resell Miacup?

In short, any business or individual operating inside a region that currently allows for the importation and resale of Miacup. (We shall discuss this condition in more detail later on.)

For individuals:
You don't need to own a registered business and you don't need any previous work experience. The only cost involved, is the cost of the stock that you purchase (no minimum quantities apply).

Are you self-motivated? Do you have creative marketing ideas? Are you eager to control when and where you work? Part-time or full-time, reselling Miacup is a great way to earn extra income and work for yourself.

store displayWhy resell Miacup?

Produced by a 100% privately-owned corporation, Miacup is certified Proudly South African and is a boon for the environment. We're as concerned about our world as you and your customers are.

Our packaging is produced with recycled materials and is 100% carbon-neutral. With every unit sold, we donate a minimum of R5 to Food & Trees For Africa. Miacup itself is produced from an abundantly occurring substance and each unit is capable of replacing thousands of disposable menstrual products.

Besides the moral value, Miacup also happens to be a fantastic product! Not only more convenient, more affordable and more reliable than conventional products, it is also safer. With scares of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), fibre loss and all sorts of other problems associated with tampons, it's good to know that Miacup is completely inert (it's made from the same material used in permanent surgical heart-valve implants).

For businesses:
Fully bar-coded, beautifully packaged, and supplied with tasteful point-of-sale displays, Miacup is something that you'll be proud to have on your shelves.

Where/to whom can Miacup be sold?

In South Africa today, there are over 15 million menstruating women. Each year, another five hundred thousand young women begin menstruating for the first time. Worldwide, the figures are obviously far greater.

As an agent for Miacup South Africa, you will be authorised to resell directly to any customer inside or outside of South Africa. This includes reselling via the internet and to other resellers.

There are, however, two important restrictions that should be noted
1. No website that resells our products may use a domain name that is confusingly similar to any of our own.

2. Miacup may be considered a restricted device in certain regions and should only be marketed/resold in those regions where Miacup has already been authorised for marketing/resale, or where Miacup is considered an unrestricted device.

As an agent, it will be your responsibility to determine and adhere to all applicable local regulations. If your region does require such authorisation, please contact us to determine the current status of Miacup in that region before purchasing stock or attempting to market any of our products.

What do we offer our agents?
• Wholesale stock prices.
• The ability to resell unsold stock back to us, mitigating financial risk (conditions apply).
• A referral code, allowing agents to receive a commission on orders placed at our website (conditions apply).
• A forwarding e-mail address at our primary domain, miacup.co.za and an agent's account on our online discussion board.
• A listing on the stockists section of our website (provided at our discretion).
• Various forms of marketing material including samples, vehicle branding, T-shirts, business cards, pamphlets, banners, displays, etc. (all provided at our discretion).
• The marketing benefit of our worldwide advertising campaign.
• Marketing tips and ideas (e.g. information about events or opportunities in your area) and sponsorship for events (at our discretion and subject to negotiated terms and conditions).
• A credit facility (provided at our discretion and subject to credit checks and assurances).
• No vendor lock-in: our agents are free to resell our products exclusively, or with any other products (including our competitors' products).

What do we require of agents?
• Honesty, politeness and integrity in your dealings with us, and with customers.
• A commitment always to uphold the values and character of the Miacup brand.
• Agreement with our Agent Terms and Conditions.

What do I need to do if I am interested?

If you or your company are interested in becoming one of our partners, you may contact our Customer Service Department (click here) and one of our consultants will get in touch with you shortly. We look forward to doing business with you.
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